What is Myofascial Cupping?

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What is Myofascial Cupping?

It is a direct focus on the Fascial system, with the intent to have a soft tissue change and release, with a person going from dis-function to function.

Myofascial CuppingIt is a hybrid between traditional cupping and myofascial release. There is compression from the rims of the cups, however the principal intent is the Negative pressure. The cups lift and separate, where most other forms of massage use pressure. This Passive soft tissue stretch, with the lifting and separating, makes for one of the best ways to passively stretch fascia. Myofascial Cupping across tissues increases nutrient rich blood to the area. It also brings reduction of the sympathetic nervous system due to the negative pressure. Fascia could be likened to plastic wrap surrounding the body; holding organs, joints, and muscles together. Challenges to the fascia can be brought on from surgical incisions, history of soft tissue injuries, misalignment of joints over a period of time, repetitive strain, just a few examples.

Cupping related to the hydration of fascia?

It triggers the body to rehydrate fascia to optimum levels while squeezing the fluids out of the fascia. Also, when dealing with trigger points, the cups are much less invasive and painful than using fingers and elbows, yet just as effective.

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