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Medysis Calgary Executive Health Assessment

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Movement Sports Clinic is partnering with Medysis Calgary, a comprehensive medical health assessment company. Both companies have a common vision to provide technologies, approaches, and services to help you improve your health and prevent medical issues before they become real problems. Where Movement Sports Clinic focuses more on musculoskeletal function and performance, Medysis can provide medical evaluation for health components like cardiovascular, genitourinary and gastrointestinal systems. With cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke being top health issues in our society, early detection of both disease and risk is the best defense.

medisys Louise Taylor and Tyson Plesuk, physiotherapists and co-owners of Movement Sports Clinic went for the Executive Preventative Health Assessments in September 2016. In two and half hours all aspect of their health and lifestyle were explored and measured. The following are the services they experienced:

  • Blood work and urinalysis
  • Meeting with a physician to examine     family history and health risk
  • Physician assessment of cardiovascular health and skin check
  • Kinesiologist administered Treadmill Stress test and evaluation of current fitness programs and goals
  • Kinesiologist administered Pulmonary Lung Function test
  • Kinesiologist administered hearing and sight tests
  • Consultation with a dietician for nutritional assessment

Referrals for screening tests are made based on need. Examples of screening tests are bone density evaluation, colon cancer screen or mammogram (assessment for breast cancer).

Blood sugar and cholesterol blood tests do require fasting for 6 hours before the appointment, but after the blood test there is a lounge where toast, cereals, fruit and protein drinks and bars were available for consumption. It is a great opportunity to fuel up before the treadmill test, so you can give your best effort!

medisys This comprehensive evaluation is meant to be completed annually in order to screen for any abnormalities or increased risk of disease or dysfunction.  Tyson and Louise both have great family physicians, but this program was definitely more complete than meeting with a general practitioner for an annual physical assessment.

Louise was impressed with both the facility and team. The kinesiologists were very capable of administering the various test protocols and the physician was extremely knowledgeable about maintaining optimal health. 

Tyson appreciated the thoroughness of the comprehensive assessment and understands the importance to be properly assessed to make accurate diagnosis and management plans and strategies.  This proactive approach to healthcare is a shared ideology of Movement Sports Clinic and Medysis.

medisysTo connect with Medysis, book an appointment or discuss their programs you can contact their Associate Director of Corporate Health Services:

Darren Bateman

(403) 233-7084 x241

Suite 960, 321- 6 Ave SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3H3

As part of our partnership with Medysis, Movement will be offering a 60 minute Physiotherapy Movement Screen for those who are interested in a having a baseline assessment of their functional movements, joint mobility and balance. Look for a blog coming soon on this service.

Compression Socks

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Effect on inflammation, recovery, performance and prevention of blood clots

compression-sockCompression garments have been used for years medically to effectively manage swelling of the extremities. Most commonly seen as socks, the graduated compression from toes to the upper leg help our circulatory system move the blood back towards the heart. Metabolic waste products and the congestion of inflammation are moved out of the interstitial tissue and back into the bloodstream for removal. In bedridden or inactive patients medical grade graduated compression socks have been proven effective to reduce deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

In recent times, athletes have been exposed to compression clothing to aid in recovery and potentially help performance. Some of the proposed benefits of athletic compression socks are as follows:

  1. Promoting circulation
  2. Reducing muscle vibration
  3. Protection of the Achilles tendon from pressure and friction
  4. Reduction in perceived effort
  5. Providing more comfort and support

Regarding recovery, there is high level evidence that use of compression socks following strenuous endurance activity can reduce risk of DVT. Marathon runners or long course triathletes may be at higher risk for DVT post event due to dehydration and distance traveled.

In literature reviews regarding compression socks and performance enhancement, the evidence is not as clear. Anecdotally there do appear to be perceived performance benefits. Some studies demonstrated decreased reported muscle soreness and perceived fatigue compared to a control group. General recommendations are to wear compression socks for long exercise sessions and for 24 hours afterwards.

In summary, use of compression socks to aid in decreasing inflammation post injury and use after long duration running and during long flights (>4hour) to prevent DVT makes good sense. Placebo effect could be in place for those that feel enhanced performance while using the socks, but the psychological benefit could still positively impact results.

To be effective, compression needs to be tighter at the ankle and decreasing to the knee, fit properly and have 22-32mmHg of pressure. The Bauerfeind Performance Compression Socks we sell at Movement have this medical grade compression.

If you would like more information, please check out Bauerfeind’s website by clicking the logo:



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You Were Born to Move!

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You Were Born to Move! Physiotherapy Alberta is proud to introduce Born to Move. Over 2,600 Alberta physiotherapists were born to help you move.

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