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Women’s Winter Wellness Virtual Chat – Session 3

Posted on: November 30th, 2020 by Movement Sports Clinic

Movement Sports Clinic presents Women’s Health and Wellness. To stay safe, we are virtual. Brew your own cup of tea or pour a glass of wine while you hear from our experts on how to thrive through the winter months.

We will examine the Four Pillars of Health including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components.

Session 3: Ice/ Isolation (Mental and Spiritual Focus): 

  • Lucia Mathieson, Pelvic Health PT: Postpartum and peri-menopausal mood changes
  • Kristy Garnet, Clinical Herbalist: Empowerment, visualization, mindfulness
  • Melissa Paauwe, Running Coach: Motivation for the dark and cold months



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Women’s Winter Wellness Virtual Chat – Session 2

Posted on: November 24th, 2020 by Movement Sports Clinic

Movement Sports Clinic presents Women’s Health and Wellness. To stay safe, we are virtual. Brew your own cup of tea or pour a glass of wine while you hear from our experts on how to thrive through the winter months.

We will examine the Four Pillars of Health including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components.

Session 2: Winter / Staying Active Outdoors (Emotional Focus): 

  • Lucia Mathieson, Pelvic Health PT: Effect of cold on the pelvic floor and other considerations
  • Monika Ambrozaitis, MEC: How to dress in layers to enjoy and be safe during winter
  • Anne Marie Vaillancourt, Registered Dietician: Cold weather exercise and nutrition



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Support your Immunity by Eating the Rainbow

Dietitian’s Advice to Stay Well During COVID-19 Pandemic


Women’s Winter Wellness Virtual Chat – Session 1

Posted on: November 16th, 2020 by Movement Sports Clinic

Movement Sports Clinic presents Women’s Health and Wellness. To stay safe, we are virtual. Brew your own cup of tea or pour a glass of wine while you hear from our experts on how to thrive through the winter months.

We will examine the Four Pillars of Health including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components.


Session 1: Cold / Supporting Your Immune System (Physical Focus)

  • Lucia Mathieson, Pelvic Health PT: Coughing and sneeze and maintaining a strong pelvic floor
  • Elana Taub, Sports Medicine MD: Importance of sleep for recovery, performance and immune function
  • Kristy Garnet, Clinical Herbalist: Herbal and spiritual support

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Fitness and Pelvic Health Information Session

Posted on: March 28th, 2019 by Movement Sports Clinic No Comments
Fitness & Pelvic Health Information Session

Join us for an informative evening where we discuss the importance of pelvic health.. Whether you are pre-baby, post-baby or no baby, your pelvic health is a vital part of your health.

Ever wonder about adrenal fatigue? Curious about what supplements and nutrition are essential for your active lifestyle?, How can essential oils and supplements help with sleep and sexual health. Learn about all this and more!

April 3, 6:15pm Palliser Convention Centre

Speakers Include:

  • Kristy Garnet – Clinical Herbalist, M.Sc.
  • Lucia Mathieson – Pelvic Health Physiotherapist
  • Jane Levesque – Naturopathic Doctor

Tickets are $25 and all proceeds go to a local Women’s Shelter.
Doors open at 6 pm. Food and swag bags will be provided.

Team Mito and Movement Sports Clinic – Proud Partners in Support of MitoCanada!

Posted on: June 17th, 2016 by Movement Sports Clinic No Comments

Event details, photos, videos and more!

Movement Sports Clinic therapists were proud to provide support to the Team Mito Canada runners over their 24-hour quest at the Calgary Marathon Expo for six Guinness World treadmill records. The event occurred from 4pm on May 28 to 4pm on May 29th, 2016 at the Calgary Marathon Expo.

Solo runner Dave Proctor set two new world records for most kilometers run on a treadmill in 12 hours (139.22 km) and 24 hours (260.4 km). Solo runner Arielle Fitzgerald beat the 50km record (3:51) and set the 100km record (8:30:34) on a treadmill. Female and male teams of 12 runners also set new world records for cumulative distance run on a treadmill over 24 hours. The team runners ran four sets of 30 minutes each over the 24-hour timeframe, and they ran hard. The team runners frequently had the treadmills at maximum speed capacity of 20 km/h. The men’s team ended up running 394.76 kilometers and the women’s team ran 344.45 kilometers to both establish new Guinness World treadmill records.

MitoCanada is a charitable organization founded by local runner Blaine Penny and his family in support of mitochondrial disease research and awareness. This inherited disorder affects the energy production of our cells and leads to developmental, movement and cognitive disability. Blaine’s son has the disorder and local runners have rallied in fundraising efforts over the last several years. The Guinness World event raised over $75,000. To learn more about MitoCanada or to make a donation, please check out

As testament to the resilience, durability and dedication to MitoCanada and running, several of the athletes competed in the Calgary Marathon running events the next day. Calum Neff and Blaine Penny came second and fifth, respectively in the 50km ultra race. Adriana Wild and Debbie Reed came 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 50km race. Keith Bradford won his age group in the half-marathon. Greg Medwid ran the 50km and lounged part way to have a Jugo Juice smoothie! And a number of the other TeamMito runners in their green shirts were spotted around the race course.

Special mentions go out to Ultra Master of Ceremonies, Daniel Bowie and Ultra Project Manager Robert Lazorko. Other than Dave, Daniel was the only person to be at the event the full 24 hours +.  Daniel’s wit, motivation and cool lime green suit kept things lively for everyone at the event. Daniel, an offer stands for a complimentary jaw massage is still available for you anytime! Robert kept everything running smoothly and was willing to get down and dirty cleaning treadmills, filling ice baths and answering pretty much any question and finding a solution. Robert also ran the 50km the next day.

Tyson Plesuk has been the physiotherapist for 24-hour solo runner, Dave Proctor for the last six years and was on hand to provide both moral and physiotherapy support. Louise Taylor has been working with 50k and 100k solo runner, Arielle Fitzgerald, over the last couple of months, and was also present to provide assistance.

Fortunately, the musculoskeletal issues were limited to blister control and managing muscle tightness. Predictably the mental side of such an event was the biggest challenge. The solo runners also had gastrointestinal distress, headaches and lightheadedness to add to the challenge. Dave Proctor even had enough energy at 2:50am to Whip Nay Naying on a treadmill after running over 10hrs and 115km!

Tyson and Louise were kept busy working with the team runners through their running rotations over the 24-hour period. Groups of four runners would be on-site for four hours at a time running at high intensity twice for 30 minutes. They would then return several hours again to repeat. Most of the issues that Movement Sports Clinic’s therapists treated were related to muscle tightness, inhibition and soft tissue fatigue. Muscle release techniques, stretching and muscle activation were the most common therapies provided by Movement Sports Clinic’s therapists on minimal sleep.

Louise Taylor said, “Dave Proctor and Arielle Fitzgerald showed me the real meaning of endurance and what digging to the depths of their souls looks like. Unforgettable!”

Tyson Plesuk said, “What an amazing and special 24 hours that all the runners created to raise awareness and money for MitoCanada. The energy and atmosphere were electric each time one of the six Guinness World Records was broken. And Dave and Arielle demonstrated such an amazing display of pure heart and determination to push their bodies to the limits. This was an experience I will never forget!”

It was a pleasure to work with these dedicated, strong and elite athletes in their support of such a great cause. The team at Movement Sports Clinic salutes their effort!

Solo Runners:

Dave Proctor & Arielle Fitzgerald

Women’s team: Allison Blackmore, Shannyn Clancy, Devon Karchut, Carmen Lambert, Megan MacDonald, Jen MacPherson, Melissa Paauwe (captain), Debbie Reed, Faye Stenning, Sharon Styles, Adriana Wild, Arden Young

Men’s team: Darcy Bell, Keith Bradford, Adam Campbell, Jody Draude, Adam Kahtava, Tristan Janusc (captain), Rich MacDonald, Duncan Marsden, Greg Medwid, Calum Neff, Myron Tetreault, Blaine Penny


The Hip ­- A review of hip mechanics, functional movement patterns and treatment

Posted on: February 26th, 2016 by Movement Sports Clinic No Comments

Health and Fitness Consultants Meet Up

With Louise Taylor and Tyson Plesuk

An evening of education, massage and pizza!

On Wednesday February 3rd we brought a group of Calgary health and fitness professionals together to discuss the hip and its relationship to injury and athletic function. Mount Royal University students attended to give free table massage and CocoBrooks supplied us with a delicious assortment of pizza. This session had both a lecture, practical and discussion components. Thank you to all who attended this event!


If you are interested in attending one of our events in the future, please email us at and we will add you to our contact list.
Please find below a reference list on the presentation.

The Functional Hip 
Movement Sports Clinic Meet Up
February 3, 2016

Reference List

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