Movement Sports Clinic is a downtown Calgary physiotherapy, health and wellness practice. Physiotherapists Tyson Plesuk and Louise Taylor have joined forces as forward thinking rehabilitation and performance oriented professionals who continue to assist Calgarians in their quest to move well and live well. We provide innovative, evidence based care sensitive to your unique mobility needs and treatment goals.

Promotion and support of healthy and active lifestyles is the key purpose of Movement Sports Clinic. We partner with clients of all ages to help them move effectively and achieve functional and performance objectives. Our organization promotes an active rehabilitation approach and assists clients in recovering after an injury or managing disease. Best available evidence, clinical experience and patient goal setting is used to inform treatment strategies. Emerging techniques and knowledge are incorporated to provide leading edge care.

Movement Sports Clinic empowers clients to manage pain, resolve injuries, improve their quality of life and keep active. Injury prevention is also a focus for athletic performance, recreational sport.

We offer a positive, respectful environment where clients, clinicians, and staff work together in collaboration. Referral to community medical specialists and allied healthcare practitioners is part of comprehensive treatment execution.

We strive to help you through your movement challenges to success. Per angusta ad angusta (through difficulty to great things).


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Movement Sports Clinic has temporarily closed our doors. We support national and Alberta Health Services measures of social distancing in preventing the transmission of COVID-19. To bridge the gap we are working virtually. Video and tele-conferencing with your physiotherapist and Dr. Taub are available. We have staff available to answer calls between 9am and 3pm Monday-Friday. Please call 587-318-1600 or email info@movementsportsclinic.ca if you have questions.

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