Six Ways to Use a Slastix Toner Band

Posted on: April 12th, 2016 by Movement Sports Clinic No Comments

with Louise Taylor

Slastix Toner BandResistance exercises are important for the health and function of muscles, connective tissues and bones. Loading our body in a progressive manner promotes cellular remodeling that leads to stronger muscles and more reinforced supporting tissues like the bones and ligaments.

Sport cords are easy to use, portable and offer an unlimited amount of choice for exercises. They come in different resistances so that an appropriate load can be chosen for each movement.

In the following video we show a few exercises that you can use a sport cord for.

Exercise #1: Shoulder Adduction

Exercise #2: Shoulder Raise

Exercise #3: Bird Dog

Exercise #4: Tricep Push Back

Exercise #5: Swimmer’s Shoulder Pulls

Exercise #6: Half Kneeling Wood Chop without Trunk Twist

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Slastix Resistance Cords are available at Movement Sports Clinic in Purple (Very Light), Red (Medium), and Green (Very Heavy).

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